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Workplace Health Focus: Healthy Holidays ~ Healthy Living
Tips from FADV's Employee Assistance Professionals
The holidays are quickly approaching and we may begin to feel overwhelmed with all of the holiday preparations. There are, however, some steps we can take to reduce our holiday stress and increase our enjoyment of this special time. Here are just a few tips to help you prepare for the holidays:
Take the Pressure Off
  1. Don't feel the need to prepare everything yourself. Suggest having a potluck dinner and assign certain tasks, such as setting the table, decorating, and cleaning-up so that everyone can be involved.
  2. Try ordering your holiday dinner. Check out your local grocer or these websites: or
  3. Limit your commitments. Take a pro-active approach and decide which friends and family you'll be able to visit over the holidays and which you'll need to call rather than visit. This will avoid hurt feelings if you have to cancel at the last minute. It will also save you the time and energy of being expected to make an appearance.
Gift Giving Tips
  1. Gifts with a personal meaning are always a favorite. Here are a few examples to help start your creative juices: A collection of CD's featuring a friend's favorite artist, an autographed book for an aspiring writer, a photo album with pictures and footnotes of you and that special someone.
  2. Gifts that keep on giving. This is a great time to add to your children's college fund or to increase your own savings. When grandparents ask what to give, suggest a contribution to your children's college fund. If you don't have children, you may ask for gift certificates from various restaurants, grocery stores and department stores that can be used throughout the year.
  3. Gifts of Time. Offering your time is a wonderful gift. If you know an elderly person, give a gift certificate that entitles them to a day of your time, however they choose to spend it. This also works well with long distance parents and siblings as well as children and spouses. Remember, what really makes this gift special is honoring it!
Travel Tips
  1. Try vacationing during the holiday season! There are great deals, shorter lines and less pressure from family members. When asked which relatives you'll be spending the holidays with, you can simply reply by saying, "Actually we'll be vacationing."
  2. Time your departure date carefully. The most popular day for travel is the day before a holiday. Try scheduling your trip for a few days earlier than the holiday or if possible, plan to travel the day of the holiday when most people would have already arrived at their destination.
  3. Be prepared for delays and long lines. Examples: If you are flying, schedule the first flight out; this way if there are any cancellations or delays, you'll still be sure to get a flight out. If you are driving, make sure you have a first aid kit. Also, make sure you have water and snacks, because more than likely, at some point you'll be sitting in traffic.
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